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1. Membership

Chair & Co-chair: Gwen Darpoh (drdarpoh@comcast.net) & Hend Merza (hendmerza@gmail.com)

Members: Anastasia Mavraki (Anastasia.k.mavraki@gmail.com)Koni Drampala (konidr@gmail.com)Susan Ruckdeschel (sdeschel@gmail.com), Apostolos Koutropoulos (koutropoulos@gmail.com), Chryssa Lazou (chryssalazou@gmail.com)

2. Blended Learning Educator Certification

Chair: Helmi Norman (Helmi.norman@gmail.com)

3. Institutional Membership

Chair & Co-chair: Mohamed Ally (mohameda@athabascau.ca) & Avgoustos Tsinakos (tsinakos@gmail.com)

4. Publications, Resources & Repository

Chair & Co-chair: Anastasia Mavraki (Anastasia.k.mavraki@gmail.com) & Anna Krassa (akrassa@gmail.com)

5. Digital Communications & Marketing (Website, social media, Youtube)

Committee is responsible to maintain and update the IABL website in a timely manner as needs arise and to keep an active social media and YouTube presence with valuable and timely information and messaging.

Chair & Co-chair: Joe Ganci (joe@elearningjoe.com) & Phil Cowcill (canadianpacman@gmail.com)

Member: Chryssa Lazou (chryssalazou@gmail.com)

6. Graduate Student/Emerging Scholars

Chair & Co-chair: Apostolos Koutropoulos (koutropoulos@gmail.com)

Member: Shamini Ramanujan (strategichr.int@gmail.com)

7. Industry/Corporate Learning

Committee will stay current on industry trends and updates and communicate such to the Board. In addition, Committee will steer industry initiatives, review industry-related conference and related submissions. Finally, Committee will seek cooperation and sustainment from industry experts and corporate executives.

Chair & Co-chair: Phil Cowcill (canadianpacman@gmail.com), Joe Ganci (joe@elearningjoe.com) & KD Bedi (kawrdeep@hotmail.com)


Chair & Co-chair: Helmi Norman (Helmi.norman@gmail.com) & Aga Palalas (agaizabella@rogers.com)

9. Website

Chair & Co-chair: Koni Drampala (konidr@gmail.com) & Anastasia Mavraki (Anastasia.k.mavraki@gmail.com) 

Members: Apostolos Koutropoulos (koutropoulos@gmail.com), Shamini Ramanujan (strategichr.int@gmail.com)

10. Podcast

Committee will produce and disseminate IABL podcasts. It will plan podcast schedule, invite and interview speakers, oversee the recording, editing and publication of regular podcast episodes, as well as determine contractual language as to rights of content.

Chair & Co-chair: Aga Palalas (agaizabella@rogers.com), Joe Ganci (joe@elearningjoe.com) & Phil Cowcill (canadianpacman@gmail.com).

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