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Welcome from Our President

I am honoured and privileged to be the President of IABL. I am deeply grateful to my predecessor, Gwendolyn Willis-Darpoh (Past President), for her leadership and contributions to IABL. I look forward to continuing this important work toward fulfilling the mission of IABL, serving its members, and expanding the reach of the association. In this special role, I am supported by my colleagues on the Executive Committee. I am humbled by their expertise and achievements, and inspired by the commitment of the Executive Committee toward the IABL mission. We are lucky to have some of the most talented and accomplished experts and leaders from across the globe steering our association.

IABL is a premier international non-profit membership organization promoting excellence in research, development, and application of blended learning. Our mission is to promote excellence in teaching, training, and research in blended learning through the engagement of international scholars and practitioners to meet the needs of today’s global learners. IABL is custodian of the annual IABL international conference series and manages a website (http://iabl.org/) to collate and disseminate information about new projects, emerging technologies, and teaching resources.

We are looking to serve our members as we continue working to be a member-oriented organization. We must come together to share ideas and resources so we can reshape and create a better future for the next generation of students, faculty, researchers, and other blended learning practitioners in academia and industry. Hence, I invite you to get involved by working on IABL committees and sharing with us any ideas and communication artifacts that you would want to see disseminated through our IABL website, newsletter, Twitter, and Facebook. Do you have an upcoming event, research study, posting, or a story about something happening in the blended learning world that you would like to share through our newsletter or website? Have you participated in a recent event, podcast or vodcast that might interest our members and you want to share? Share your ideas and resources by getting in touch with the Przemyslaw Pawluk (pawluk@iabl.org). I also strongly urge you to get involved in IABL by expressing your ideas, inquiries, feedback, and hopes via the email. I will continue our dialogue through the IABL newsletter and social media channels. Make sure to visit our IABL Facebook (IABL: International Association for Blended Learning).

It is my utmost pleasure to serve as your President!

Yours Sincerely,
Agnieszka (Aga) Palalas, Ed.D.

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