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Welcome from Our President

As the President, I would like to warmly welcome you to the International Association for Blended Learning! I look forward to serving you in this leadership role, and I commit to continuing the good work of Past President Dr. Aga Palalis, Past Vice President and Founder Dr. Hend, and Past President and Founder Dr. Gwendolyn Willis-Darpoh – alongside IABL Vice President Dr. George Kormpas. I collaboratively and enthusiastically embrace this opportunity, and look forward to continued support of the entire IABL team, its mission and vision in service to, and benefit for, its members.

IABL continues to embody intelligence and talent from across the globe. One goal at IABL is to expand the association’s reach through research, engagement of international scholars and practitioners, and disseminate current, timely information on emerging technologies as they work into blended and hybrid learning. I cannot think of a better time world where resources in, and knowledge of, blended learning would play a more significant and pivotal role in shaping the future of education.

Most important: we welcome your membership at IABL, as well as your involvement on any of our IABL committees and sub-committees. Please click on the “About IABL” and “Committees” to explore them. We also welcome your new and novel ideas – please send them to us to share on our website or on any of our social media accounts (Twitter and Facebook), or our newsletter. Watch for our upcoming World Conference 2022, with updates to be coming soon!

With honor and pleasure, I look forward to serving as your President!



Dr. Susan Ruckdeschel, EdD

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