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Submission Guidelines for our Newsletter

1. The Digital Toolbox

This section is for highlighting programs, websites or other online resources that can enhance the BL experience. Each digital tool submitted should include:

  • Name of the digital tool
  • Date released (if known)
  • Owner or producer (company/organization)
  • A brief description and the target users
  • Their experience with it, why you like it/are recommending it
  • A link to the tool
  • Your name, title, and location
  • Recommended length: approx. 300-1000 words


Storybird is owned and operated by Storybird Corp and is designed to foster writing and reading skills in students through storytelling. This user-friendly tool allows educators to create interactive and artistic books online through a simple and easy to use interface. Once created, stories can be embedded in blogs, sent by email, and printed, among other options. Storybird gives teachers the ability to create projects with students, give constant feedback, and organize classes and grades. I love this tool because it is easy to use, the students enjoy working with it, and I have seen remarkable improvement in their writing skills since implementing it 6 months ago.. To get started, visit https://storybird.com/.

Jane Doe, K-6 teacher, Anytown, USA

2. Featured Resource

Highlight at least one BL resource with a link to the resources on our website.

  • Title
  • Author/Editors
  • Date published and publisher
  • Link to resource-URL (if possible)
  • Summary
  • Picture of cover (screen shot)

3. The Expert’s Corner

This section features a written Q & A interview of an expert from the field giving them an opportunity to discuss their work and/or the latest developments in the field of blended learning.. Each expert will provide a brief introduction/bio of themselves and develop questions and answers that illustrate information that they would like the reader to know about what they do in the field. Examples can be both research-based and applied. Examples of research-based interviews can be discussing findings of recent research, while interviews on applied examples can include lessons learned from applying a method, technique, or approach to BL and discussing what worked and what didn’t. Recommended length 300-1000 words.

4. BL Best Practices

This section is designed to highlight evidence-based processes and procedures that are the most effective in the implementation of BL strategies, programs, etc. These practices can include those used in K-12 education, higher education, industry and training. Submission should include a URL/link or other source of information that supports the practice as being evidence-based. The recommended length is approximately 300-1000 words.

5. Did You Know?

Fun facts about BL that may not be widely known. The recommended length is no more than 100 words and must include the source (URL preferred but citation also accepted).

All submissions must be submitted as a Microsoft Word document and may be revised to accommodate the format and space available in the IABL newsletter.

When providing hyperlinks, please be sure that the links are functional and correct. Links that do not work will be deleted from your submission along with any related information.

Please submit your contributions to: iblendedlearning@gmail.com

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