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The primary goal of the Graduate Student Symposium is to build a worldwide community of graduate students who are working on blended learning initiatives and projects. Graduate students and seasoned researchers from academia and industry will share their ongoing blended learning projects during the Symposium. Thus, the WCBL 2019 Graduate Symposium will offer doctoral and master’s students an inaugural opportunity to interact with each other and renowned and experienced researchers in the field of blended learning to help students advance their research and practice.

The WCBL 2019 Graduate Symposium will also include a roundtable session for graduate students to consider and discuss plans for ongoing communication and supportive resources for students through the IABL community. For more information, please visit the Graduate Student Café.

Student Symposium Details:

The Student Symposium Paper Submission and Presentation process will provide Graduate Students with a welcoming and safe environment in which to practice their writing and presentation skills, obtain expert feedback and resource suggestions, and receive support within an academic community that shares their interests and goals.

a. Student Paper Submissions
The Graduate Student Symposium will be offered as part of the regular conference program. Students may submit an abstract (400-500 words) by the Submission deadline in order to have their presentation considered for the Conference.  They are then invited to submit a short paper for publication after the Conference and before October 1. This short paper will be 2000-3000 words in length and will provide the opportunity to describe a proposed project or work that is still “in progress” (i.e., papers that do not include sections on research findings or discussions) and is relevant to one or more aspects of blended learning. Student papers will be reviewed by a committee of blended learning experts before being accepted based upon criteria designed to encourage, support, and improve the scholarship of the student’s proposed or in-progress work. Accepted papers will be published in a special Graduate Student section of the Conference Proceedings.

Further details for submitting an abstract and short paper for the Graduate Student Symposium are found on the Paper Submission webpage. Follow the same submission guidelines and deadlines set out for all conference submissions. Please note that when submitting abstracts or papers via the Conference EasyChair system, students are asked to add the phrase “Graduate Student Submission” in the Keywords field in the paper submission form.

b. Student Presentations
Each student presentation will be 30 minutes in length. The format of a presentation begins with 20 minutes for the student to present their in-progress research project, followed by a 10-minute discussion period. The session will be presided by a Chair, who will have expertise in some area of the student’s project. The Chair will listen to the presentation before: (1) inviting the audience to discuss the project and presentation with the student, and (2) providing the student with feedback. The purpose of this process is to help the student identify possible resources and to offer suggestions for enriching the project within a supportive community of scholars.
c. Graduate Student Roundtable
All students attending the WCBL 2019 Conference are invited to join the Graduate Student Roundtable. The main objective of this roundtable is to initiate the development of our Graduate Student Community. During this session, we will begin the dialogue on what our collective vision, mission, and aims are for building a strong, dynamic, and supportive community that meets our individual and collective needs and interests in blended learning. Community-building topics may include, but are not limited to:

● Sharing resources relevant to blended learning
● Finding and supporting each other through our community of practice
● Engaging in research on the subject of blended learning
● Helping to suggest mentors for theses and dissertations that deal with blended learning


You are cordially invited to join the dialogue on building a community that is vibrant, resourceful, and welcoming to graduate students interested in pursuing the topic of blended learning. Please join us!

For more information about your participation in the WCBL 2019 Student Symposium, please email the
Graduate Student SIG ( graduateSIG@iabl.org ) .
If you would like to join our IABL Graduate Student Facebook group, please click here .

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