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Graduate Student Café

A warm welcome from the student workgroup of IABL!

We’d like to invite fellow students to join us, as part of IABL, in exploring the diverse world of blended learning. As part of a student special interest group (SIG) we seek to explore the different ways in which blended learning is designed, implemented, and administered. To achieve our goal, we aim to foster a community of curiosity and engagement with the subject of blended learning. Some suggested community activities include:

  • Sharing resources relevant to blended learning
  • Finding and supporting each other through our community of practice
  • Engaging in research on the subject of blended learning
  • Helping to suggest mentors for theses and dissertations that deal with blended learning
  • Providing a venue for students to present their own research on blended learning

Are you a graduate student in the field of education interested in blended learning? Come join us!

Together we can build a community that fosters our collective interests and pursuits in blended

learning! If you would like to join our IABL Facebook group, please click here.

Latest news:

For more information about our community please check out our Facebook group. To get in touch with us by email please email our Graduate Student SIG (graduateSIG@iabl.org).

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